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2013 Sängerfest Pin

This is the official Logo which will appear on the Sängerfest Pin and other promotions.  The design was rendered by Jill Shearer, 2nd Vice-President of the Wisconsin Sängerbezirk and chairperson of the 2013 Sängerfest Marketing Committee.

The characterization of Milwaukee's skyline represents (from left to right) the city of church steeples (when you are in Milwaukee drive over the Hoan Bridge and look to the west to see all the city's steeples ascending to heaven); the city's one and only sky-scraper - US Bank; the historic Gas company with the huge glass flame on top which changes colors indicating weather conditions; the old iconic city hall; Saint Mary's hospital and historical light house beaming over Lake Michigan; and the new city icon and famous winged Calatrava Art Museum on the Lake Front.  Below the city's skyline are the green bluffs falling to the shores and blue waters of the Great Lake Michigan.

61. Nationales Sängerfest Pin

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