Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund
North American Singers Association

2009 Sängertag Delegates Assembly Recap

The 2009 Sängertag (Delegates Assembly) of the Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund (North American Singers Association) was held at the Hilton Pittsburgh hotel hosted by the Bloomfield Liedertafel of the East Pittsburgh Sängerbund. 


Sängertag Officials:  Nickolas Lipnichan, Chairman;  Ursula Gerhard, Co-chair;  

Stephan Lipnichan, Secretary;  and Dara Marner, Treasurer.


Friday, May 8:

  • The National Board of Directors met for the Triennial Board Meeting at 2:00 p.m. to conduct the business of the association.
  • Delegates arrived, checked into the hotel, and picked up their registration packets, which included identification badges, dinner tickets, a wooden chip for a complimentary drink, and a commemorative Bloomfield Liedertafel Pin, as well as broacher information about the host city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
  • A welcome Cocktail Party at the Bloomfield Liedertafel Klubhaus brought the delegates together in a grand reception with Gemütlichkeit at it’s best. Good food, abundant drink and bursts of song filled the hall as old and new friends met to talk, laugh and sing together.
  • The Bloomfield Liedertafel and Kinderchor delightfully treated the delegates to vocal performances at the reception.  The Kinderchor was not in full force but the five little brave voices that performed melted the hearts of the audience and received an overwhelming ovation as they left the stage and walked back through the enthusiastic crowd. 


Saturday, May 9: (unofficial summary of the delegates assembly meeting)

  • Highlights of the Eight Sängertag of the North American Singers Association.
    • President Blondine Klimach welcomed the delegates and thanked the Sängertag Chairman, Nick Lipnichan, as well as the Bloomfield Liedertafel for hosting the Eighth Sängertag.  
    • Secretary Lois Lynch took role call.  Although there was not representation from all of the associated choirs, there were delegates present representing all districts.
    • The minutes of the previous delegates assembly were accepted.
    • The treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.  Note: The funds collected for the matching Foundation grant offer by the Houston Sängerbund amounted to $8,146, which was short of the $10,000 matching grant amount.
    • A check for and additional $1,000 donation to the Foundation was presented by the Evansville Germania Maennerchor, and the Eastern Pittsburgh Sängerbund presented another check in an amount that brought the total donation in excess of the $10,000 needed to match the grant from the Houston Sängerbund.  See the smiling faces in the Sängertag Photo Gallery.
    • Officer Reports were given.
      • Financial report of the 2007 Sängerfest in Evansville.
      • The N.A.S.B. archives are secured at the home of Wolfgang Wengler, Archivar.
      • Membership is at 2,505 N.A.S.B. singers.
      • Men’s affairs are in order.
      • Women’s affairs are in order.
      • Choirs requesting longevity service pins need to indicate whom the pins are for as well as years of service.
      • Geoffrey Kroening, Director at Large, announced that the N.A.S.B  Website has been launched.
      • The 2009 Director’s Forum will be held in San Antonio so that the music directors can examine the facilities for the 2010 Sängerfest.
    • Wilhelm Banzhaf, Sänger Zeitung Editor, addressed the delegates in regard to the importance of the newsletter and the need for all choirs to contribute information. 
    • Report of the 2010 Sängerfest in San Antonio was given.  Highlights included a list of Texas side trips for the singers and guests.  2010 Sängerfest San Antonio
    • There will be fifteen (15) 2010 Sängerfest songs sung in the concert, with five men, five women, and five combined choral selections.
    • Proposed changes to the Bylaws regarding two cosmetic changes and changes to Part III, Section 3 and Section 5, were accepted. Note: The 3rd Vice President will represent the voice of music directors from all association choirs on the national board of directors.
    • The proposal for a Leadership Workshop to be held July 11 and 12, 2009, held in Sterling Heights, Michigan, was accepted. All choir presidents and other organization officers are invited to attend.
    • 2010 Sängerfest organizers are working on producing audio CD’s of the songs for practice purposes. 
    • The 2012 Sängertag will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, hosted by the Kansas City Liederkranz of the Saint Louis District.
    • The host city for the 61st Sängerfest in 2013 will be Milwaukee, hosted by the Wisconsin Sängerbezirk.  Packets containing information on Milwaukee as well as Visit Milwaukee pins were given to all delegates. The delegation requested that the dates for future National Sängerfests be moved out of April due to conflicts with director’s schedules in that timeframe. 
    • The National Board of Directors was elected for the 2010-2013 term, to be installed at the 2010 Sängerfest in San Antonio, Texas.
    • A $1.00 per singer increase in annual dues was accepted.
    • The 2009 Delegates Assembly was adjourned at 2:34 p.m. on Saturday, May 9, 2009.


  • At midday the delegates relaxed with an exquisite lunch provided by the Hilton Pittsburgh hotel served by an accommodating waiting staff.  Round tables were encircled with a mixture of district delegates and engulfed with lively conversation and laughter.


  • In the evening the delegates were shuttled to the Teutonia clubhouse were they experienced another evening of genuine Gemütlichkeit in the elegant atmosphere of a grand ballroom with the splendid hospitality of the Teutonia Männerchor-Pittsburgh and the Teutonia Damenchor-Pittsburgh overflowing.  The highlight of the evening was the mini-concert performed by these choirs, under the capable direction of Edward Helgerman.  Although no one wanted to leave, they eventually realized that they must and slowly shuffled out to the exit awaiting the yellow school bus shuttle back to the Hilton.  The bus ride back to the hotel was filled with as much conversation, laughter and singing as that which was experienced in the Teutonia ballroom, with one exception ... no one got up and danced on the bus. 


The 2009 N.A.S.B. Sängertag was a success and a heartfelt thank you goes out to the organizers, delegates and the great city of Pittsburgh.

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