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2009 Leadership Workshop Announcement


Plans are in place for a new opportunity to learn: the NASB Leadership Workshop - What Makes a Good Chorus?  will be held in Sterling Heights, Mich. on Saturday, July 11 & Sunday, July 12.

Invitations have gone out to all Chorus Presidents and they should be in the process of doing what they need to do to register, reserve and travel.  The Workshop is open to Chorus/club Presidents, Bezirk Presidents, Music Committee Chairmen or members - anyone that’s a lay leader (not the Musical Director) and wants to learn to be a better leader and be better informed.

The Carpathia Chor will host the forum at the Carpathia Club in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  Ehren-President Tim Pecsenye will serve as Facilitator with President Blondine Klimach as Co-Facilitator.  It is intended to be an exchange of ideas, and develop some action plans to help make our choruses better.

The weekend will begin with a round-table discussion while working through lunch on Saturday.  An important session will be to begin to think strategically and examine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats presented to our choruses.  Additionally, we will have a time to talk about improving the quality of our choruses and some of the resources available to us.  There will be time for socializing during the evening.   Sunday’s schedule makes it possible for participants to be on their way home by late-afternoon after discussing business practices and seeing if we can tie everything together to develop a model for use by all of our choruses.  Hosts from the Carpathia will entertain any guests that tag along. 

All of our choruses should support this event!  Through programs like this Workshop, our choruses can only get stronger.

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Anouncement and Registration Form

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